Mount Amiata

Mount Amiata

The Monte Amiata rises imposingly in southern Tuscany, standing as an extinct volcano reaching nearly 1,738 meters in height. Its profile dominates the landscape, an unmistakable presence that imparts a sense of peace and grandeur.

The slopes of Monte Amiata are an Eden of lush forests. Chestnut, beech, and fir trees intertwine, creating a green carpet that changes with the seasons. In summer, the cool embrace of the mountain provides shelter from the heat, while in winter, a blanket of white envelops the landscape, turning it into a paradise for skiers.

At the foot of Monte Amiata wind medieval villages that jealously guard their history. Abbadia San Salvatore, Arcidosso, and Castel del Piano enchant with their cobblestone alleys, ancient churches, and welcoming squares. A journey back in time, where the frenetic pace of everyday life dissolves.

The culinary tradition of Monte Amiata is a triumph of Tuscan flavors. Ribollita, tomato soup, and local cured meats will delight your palate. Honey, mushrooms, and chestnuts are the undisputed protagonists of the local cuisine, to be savored in the area’s restaurants and trattorias.

Among the beauties of Monte Amiata lies a rich historical heritage. Ancient monasteries, medieval castles, and archaeological sites tell the story of this land. The Abbey of San Salvatore, dating back to the 8th century, offers a breathtaking view of the valley, a true gem immersed in nature.

Monte Amiata is an oasis of peace, an ideal place for those who wish to disconnect from the hustle and bustle of daily life and immerse themselves in the unspoiled beauty of Tuscany. A sanctuary for the soul, where one can rediscover the pleasure of silence and the joy of simplicity. Come and discover Monte Amiata, let yourself be captivated by its timeless beauty.