Rio Marina


Rio Marina was once known as the "Capital of Iron." The eastern side of the Island of Elba still has numerous mines that were used for the excavation and transportation of iron minerals from the time of the Etruscans and Romans until 1981, the closing date of the last mine. Today, Rio Marina is a thriving tourist destination, and the buildings that once belonged to the mines have been converted into museum facilities.
The eastern coast is formed by the iron-rich soil that, with its classic reddish coloration, characterizes the town, beaches, and seabeds. The stretch of coast from Rio Marina to Cavo has been named 'Costa che brilla' (the Shining Coast) due to the sparkle of mining dust. It is one of the 3 ports for ferry docking to the Island of Elba connected with Piombino.
The port and beaches of Rio Marina are only 4 km away from our hotel, about a 20-minute drive.
We are in Rio Marina - the northern tip of the Island of Elba

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